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About Us

About Our Community

Supporting and Guiding Small Businesses

The Cotton-X Community Group is an active organisation that takes pride in offering support and professional advice for the SME sector in Australia. Our sole objective is to help young as well as small businesses in establishing a strong brand value in this competitive market.

Our business events, programs and services are designed to assist all types of small-sized businesses for the smooth running of their operations. From creating a business plan to product launching, we can guide you using best methods. We use high-end technologies to support novice entrepreneurs and medium-sized businesses.

You can grow your network, enhance your business skills, talk to our experts and boost your online visibility just by joining our community group. We are supported by small and medium business, government, and other organisations and that’s why people trust us whenever they need guidance for their business.

From Our Founder

Know More About us

Welcome to the family of the Cotton-X Community Group. We are a dedicated, enthusiastic and trusted organisation that specialises in supporting small and medium businesses in Australia. Being a leading small business community group, we are a one-stop destination for all types of small business owners. We offer informative workshops, events, training programs and online classes to support and create more opportunities for growth and success. Our role is to advocate young entrepreneurs for better conditions and policies depending on the nature of their businesses.

Our community has organised a number of events in the past few years providing opportunities for small businesses to meet experienced and renowned entrepreneurs and promote their own business. Our events are held in the Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and other locations are coming on board in 2021.

With our constant support and guidance, small business owners no longer feel neglected because they can be a part of our online meetings, events and workshops to develop their business network.

We feel immense pride in providing great support to your small business so that you can reach the new heights of success.

Kind Regards

Carter Ryan

Founder of Cotton-X Community Group

Why us?

Fulfilling Your Entrepreneurial Dream!

Cotton-X Community Group is committed to supporting, promoting and growing Australia’s small scale enterprises. We strengthen each and every small business using digital platforms, active workshops and events. Our community offers a great platform where you can meet successful business owners, advisors, motivational speakers and professionals who can play a vital role in your successful entrepreneurial journey.

You should join us and explore the unlimited benefits which can help you grow your business and achieve all the targeted goals. We have a huge network of business experts who can inspire you.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide all the necessary services, technology, quality education and programs to small businesses in Australia.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the Australia’s best community group for small businesses and medium-sized enterprises.

Our Values

Building trust and developing good relationships with our members is what we believe. You can join our community and we will help you grow.

Our Team

Meet Our Experts

Patrick Robinson
Managing Director
Clara Campbell
Finance Expert
Leo Smith
Marketing Executive
Elena Kelly
Marketing Director
Hunter White
Analysis Expert
Lilly Martin
Team Manager
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