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We are one of the fastest growing communities in Australia supporting small business groups and medium-sized enterprises.


Small Businesses in Australia

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. It not only generates employment opportunities but also encourage people to unleash their entrepreneurial skills to the world. The Australian government is also supporting SBEs through their programs, events and business meetings. Governments as well as policy makers need to head towards a sophisticated approach by creating strategic planning for small-scale companies.

However, due to tough competition, changing rules, excessive bureaucracy and other aspects, small businesses suffer a lot. In order to sustain longer in the industry and expand your business, you need support from a reliable community like us.

We offer financial and business-related advices to help you generate more sales and profits. We can also help young entrepreneurs by giving them new business ideas.

We Provide Detailed Information For Small Businesses!

According to the recent surveys, small businesses in Australia make up the majority of businesses in today’s economics, ranging from 95 per cent to 99.7 percent. If you are planning to start up a new small business and want professional guidance, then join our community group today.
At, Cotton-X Community Group, we focus on organising events, business programs and other activities so that all the business owners can come together, share their views, learn new business strategies and grow their network. We also provide precise business information related to:
Planning: We can help you plan your new small business. From creating a brand image to providing legal guidance, our experts will offer you detailed information for your new entrepreneurial journey.
Finance: From accounting to seeking financial support, payments and invoicing to taxation, our community resolve all your queries. You can even join our financial management programs and events for better understanding,
Marketing: Do you want to identify your targeted customers? Come to us and we will teach you everything about the traditional as well as new-age marketing techniques to help you grow your business. Online: From project management to online invoicing, you have plenty of tools to manage your business operations. We will keep you updated with latest technologies via our blogs.
Risk Management: It is important to know the plan and management skills to mitigate potential risks while having a small business. We can help you understand the types of risks involved in this industry so that you can plan accordingly.
Change & Growth: Every businessman should know the concept of innovation, creation and amalgamation. Our events and advisory can help you run the business by letting you create effective processes, innovative products for the growth. Products & Services: We can help you know fair trading laws that you need to abide by while selling your products and services in the Australian market.


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Discover the Pillars of Small Business

We have identified the key pillars of small businesses that may expand or change over the years of this strategic plan. These pillars create the framework for the small business association in Australia.

1. Entrepreneurship

This pillar is about adapting government policy to find out the necessity to support creativity and the value of small business entrepreneurship.

2. Technology

Providing the access to the new developments, research and best information related to the cutting-edge business technologies is an important pillar for the success of a small business.

3. Industrial Relations

Make sure the requirements of a small business are fairly represented in the industrial relations. Participation in policy making process is also an imperative factor.

4. Finance

Facilitating access to finance in a supportive fiscal, competitive and legal business environment.

5. Competitiveness

Encourage small businesses to complete in local, regional, national and global opportunities.

6. Taxes

Make sure that the development of small companies is aided during the initial years with tax rates and other incentives for sustainable outcomes.

7. Training and Education

Support small businesses via training sessions so that they can mitigate risks and reach the new heights of success.

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